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-Philantropical app

 Helping hand is an app made for people connected between patients and doctors.



-Sick individuals

 Our main target market are for people who love drinking, especially for a community who sees

drinking beer as a part of culture


-Anyone who loves beer

 If a patient is caught with an infectious disease, she will be going under lockdown. since this limits the movement of the patients which directly leads to a lack of living supplies and access to professional medical help, the user can instead use the app to contact the local medical staff for aid.

Story board 01.jpg
mood board.jpg

Mood Board

-Let's set the atmosphere

 Simple, bright, energetic, and calm


Concept ideations

-Exploring usability

plane tests.png

Product map

-Getting down to details

 From every detail to a larger frame, we planned out each and every screen throughout the roadway.

pink layout.jpg

Wire flow

-Testing out

Group 22.png
Group 9.png
Group 4.png
Group 6.png
Group 24.png
Group 5.png
Group 8.png
Group 19.png
Group 13.png
Group 7.png
Group 17.png
Group 10.png
Group 15.png
Group 26.png

Final Version

-Anyone who loves beer

 It allows fast and easy connection between the users and can provide instant feedback&help anytime, anywhere.

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